International social media marketing and SEO from Japan

Multilingual Digital  Marketing

Expand your marketing horizons by targeting more markets abroad.

We specialize on simultaneous digital marketing in Japanese, Chinese, English and Spanish.

Social Media Analytics

Meet your customer needs and create better strategies

by analyzing their interactions and interests through social networks.  

Brand Localisation


Make the right cultural approach to a new market and create the correct brand strategy. 

E-commerce in Japan and China

Reach new economic regions in Asia by adopting new payment methods through Amazon Japan, Rakuten and many other platforms.


MONDO has an extraordinary list of services for foreign companies like mine, to provide accurate marketing in Japan. The service they gave us preparing, translating and pitching the Press Release and social media setup of our new application ( was extraordinary. They accomplished faster than schedule and with all details of all the media sites where they published […]

React Messenger

Mondo Media Networks has agreed to contribute with the management of Smokey Tours social media networking and advertising to find more followers for our organization in Japan and English speaking countries. Because our profit goes to charity, it was hard to find cost-effective ways to market ourselves. Now we have increased our real followers to […]

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